Wyatt | April 2017

Dear Wyatt,

You are almost 2 months old now, and I haven’t even done a post for you yet!  But oh, how I am enjoying you.  🙂

Your Birth

Daddy and I went to the hospital on Thursday, 3/2 to be induced.  Since your heart rate kept dipping, and since you were possibly going to be a big baby, we decided to induce a few days before your due date (3/6/17).  When we checked into the hospital, they didn’t have any rooms for us.  So, we had to stay overnight in a triage room, and your poor dad had to sleep in a chair!  They started inducing, but nothing happened.  For 12 hours!  They did a second kind of induction the next day (Friday, 3/3) at around 2pm (I think?) and that’s when things started happening.  I was pretty comfortable until around midnight, and that’s when I asked for the epidural!  It was great… until around 4am?  At around 5:30am, they checked me and said you were on your way!  After 30 minutes of pushing (one contraction pushing, the next one resting due to your heart rate), you were out!  You looked so healthy!  I loved just getting to hold you and snuggle with you.  You nursed right away… for about an hour!  What a sweet experience that was for me!

  • Born on: 3/4/17 at 6:08am
  • Weight: 8lb, 1oz
  • Length: 21.25″

Your First Two Months

We got to come home with you on Monday morning.  Grandpa Mike and Grandma Dawn brought Lily down to meet you.  She loved you right from the beginning!

You’ve been a trooper too.  You’ve come with us to the mall, to church and Bible school, to Lily’s swim lessons, to Sea World and the Wild Animal Park… to mommy’s TWO HOUR LONG eye doctor appointment (right in the middle of the usual fussy evening hours), and you’ve been so patient and easy going with all of them.  I am so blessed and impressed by you!

You’re a pretty good sleeper too.  You usually give us one 5-6 (one time 7) hour stretch at night, along with a 2-3 hour stretch.  You go down easily too.  Unbelievably easy going you are!

It’s been a busy and wonderful couple of months with you here, Wyatt.  We’ve enjoyed every moment of you!



Wyatt | February 2017


Dear son,

Daddy and I are both anxiously awaiting your arrival, and cannot wait to meet you.  The doctors think you’ll be big, and I agree (you feel much bigger to me than your sister did!).  You seem to be taking your sweet time in there, though.  I thought you’d make your appearance a week or two ago!  I just can’t wait to see your face and hold you… and bring you home!  Grandma Dawn thinks you’ll be born today, and weigh 8lb 9oz.  Daddy thinks you’ll be born Wednesday, 3/1 or Thursday 3/2.  He says if you weigh over 10.5lb, your name will be Magnus.  🙂  I’m pulling for Wyatt.  😉

Overall, this pregnancy has been wonderful!  Morning sickness wasn’t too bad… ended around 14 weeks, and was helped a lot by taking vitamin B6.  I have felt great throughout the last nine months, and you have looked healthy and perfect in all of the doctor visits.  Lately, I’ve been feeling completely exhausted and out of breath… ready to get you out!  Last week, the doctor listened to your heart beat and it seemed a little slow for you, so she sent me to Labor and Delivery for further monitoring.  It was kind of exciting, thinking maybe they would induce me!  But nope!  Four days later and you’re still in my tummy!

Lily keeps asking if you’ve come out yet.  She seems excited to meet you.  🙂  We all wonder what you’ll look like!  For the longest time, Lily kept saying you would have purple eyes.  Now, she says they’ll be green!

Love you!

<3, Mom

Lily | 2017


  • Daddy got you out of the car and said “Man, you’re big!”.  You said “I not a man!”


  • You’ve been adding “n” to double-syllable words lately.  For example, “triangle” is “tine-gohn” and “circle” is “circohn”


  • “Amelins” = “Animals”
  • “Uh-felint” = “Elephant”


  • We were talking about mango, and you said “Just like the song”.  I said “What song?”.  You said “And Mango was his name-o!” 🙂


  • When we read books, you want us to start them with “Once-a once-a time”


Lily Dawn,

A little over two years ago, you came into our lives, starting a complete transformation in me.  Without even trying, you have led me into motherhood with a patience and forgiveness that blesses my heart.  As our first child, you opened the doors to a place in my heart that I didn’t even know existed.  Through you, God has molded me and continues to do so.  Thank you for being such a loving daughter!  I am so blessed by the relationship we have, and look forward to watching it mature as we both grow.

Very soon, we will welcome your little brother into our family.  <3  I can’t wait to watch you grow in a completely new facet: as big sister!  You and your brother will be such blessings to each other, and to both Daddy and me.  While life at home will look a little different at first, I want you to know how proud Daddy and I are of you, and how precious you are to us.

I love you so much, my sweet girl!

<3, Mom

Lily | 2016


You are beautiful!  We enjoy you so much.  Every day is a new adventure with you, and you are learning a ton.


1/20/16: You can say “more” (“maw”).  There were a few days that I would sing “Just a spoonful of sugar…” and then I’d stop, and you’d say “maw”.  I’d say “More what?”, and you’d go “ahh”.  <3

1/25/16: You are just so stinking cute!  I love hearing you talk!  You can say “up!” when you want to be held.  Sometimes you get it backwards and say “puh!”  I then say “Can you say please?” and you say “pee” with a sweet smile on your face.  You are irresistible.  (3/11/16: Grandma Dawn noticed this when she and Grandpa were watching you.  You kept wanting more cookies.  You’d say “pee” and she just couldn’t say no!)

4/4/16: When you want to be picked up, or put down, or are generally not content, you say “up-down!” The “up” has an upward intonation, and the “down” has a downward intonation.  So cute!

6/21/16: Words!

  • You say “um!” when pointing to some kind of food or drink we have.  I think it comes from when we ask “Do you want some?” (I think you’re saying “some”)
  • “Teppy” is ketchup.  You love it!
  • “Szoo” is smoothie.  You wanted one every morning for a good 2-3 months!
  • “Holdju” when you want us to hold you… or hold anything else you might be handing over to us.
  • “Imee” is ice cream.  You’re a big fan.  🙂
  • “Dee-Tie” is Daniel Tiger, your favorite show (and still the case, even as I update this blog on 10/27/16).
  • You are getting good with counting!  When we tell you to wait, you’re learning to count… you say “Twooo?”  So sweet!  (And now, as of 10/27/16, you can count to 13!  We are amazed!)
  • “A-den?” is “Again?”


  • You are so much fun!  You went poop on the potty for the first time today.  We are so proud!
  • When Daniel Tiger was playing, one episode ended and another was going to begin automatically. You grabbed Daddy’s controller and pointed it at the tv and said “eh-bah (X-Box) turn on!”  It turned on by itself and you said to Daddy “I did it all by myself!”
  • You have learned quite a few letters!  “L” for Lily; “D” for Duke and Daddy; “M” for Mommy; “I” for ice cream; “Y” for yummy; “B” for brother and bean bag…


  • Mommy and Daddy: “Lily, what is the baby going to look like?”  Lily: “Purple eyes”
  • Daddy: “Lily, what color hair does mommy have?”  Lily: “Gay” (“gray”… you hadn’t learned the color blond yet!)


  • You are potty trained (aside from a few accidents when you’re distracted).  We are so proud of you!  When you have to go potty you say “Ha tu go to a pa-ee, tah-e-go whi awei, fuh ah wah eh be on-aw WAY!” (from Daniel Tiger’s song: “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!”)
  • You have a cute little lop-sided skip that you do when you’re playing or being silly.  Such a goofball!  <3


  • You like to play “catching ball” at night with Daddy and me.


  • “Bess liu!” = “Bless you!”
  • Nana and Papa watched you last night while we went to Daddy’s company Christmas party. In the morning, you woke up and said “Na an Pop an Mol went home”. You then looked contemplative for a moment and said “What did you guys went?” We were so impressed that you asked such a thoughtful question!  You are so smart with your words, Lily!


  • “Bet en” = “Blanket”


  • “One, two, sieve, soaw, sive, sits…” 🙂
  • “Dom” = “Grandma”
  • “Dahp” = “Grandpa”
  • “Nan & Pop” = “Nana & Papa”

Lily’s Teeth

7.5.15: First tooth! LR-1
7.8.15: LL-2
7.10.15: UR-1
7.11.15: UL-1
8.14.15: LL-1
1.17.16: UR-2 (2nd tooth from center on her right)
1.18.16: UR-4 (I think this was the fourth from the center on her right)
1.30.16: LR-4
2.14.16: UL-4


Lily | 13th Month (Nov-Dec)

Dear Lily,

You are adored. Everyday, we marvel at what a sweet, good girl you are. You are such a good listener! You’ve learned that some things are off limits (like Duke’s water dish and his kibble), and even though you’d really like to play with them, you understand when we say “no no”, and you move on to something else. We are so proud of you!

You’re getting quite good at communicating, too. You mostly point at things while babbling with various tones to tell us what you want. It is such a joy to interact with you and watch you learn and grow.

You stil love bath time, and even say it now. After dinner, when we start singing our “B-A-, B-A-T-, B-A-T-, B-A-T-H, Bath Time! [clap, clap] Lily!”, you get the biggest grin on your face, and say “Ba-ba”. (While you say “Ba-ba” for other things, you are very intentional about it in this context!) It is so sweet!  We then say “But before bath time, we have to get you naked” and you say “neh!”

You are pretty much walking everywhere. You hardly crawl these days. How did that happen so quickly?!

There was a point, maybe about a month ago, when you’d say “Mmm” while eating things you liked. Especially if I asked “Is that yummy?”, you almost seemed to think that you had to respond with “Mmm!” Adorable. You were particularly into tropical smoothies.

As I write this, it’s 12/14. We have a fake Christmas tree, but got a real wreath and hung it up on the wall. You love to get up really close to it and smell it! Before we hung it, we had it sitting on the ottoman, and you walked up and just put your face in it and sniffed in-out-in-out. So. Incredibly. Cute.

You also love to curl up in Duke’s beds. Makes me think we should get at least one in every room, so you both have somewhere cozy to lie down. 🙂

The day after Thanksgiving, Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Mike came down and watched you overnight while Daddy and I went on a mini vacation. You had such a great time with them, and they just kept saying how sweet and good you are!

Another update… we switched your carseat to forward-facing, and put a Kindle in front of you so you can watch Mary Poppins while we drive. You are SO much happier (and so are we!). You were getting uncomfortable in the rear-facing position, and would cry pretty much every time we went for a drive.

You are also learning to wave “hi” and “bye bye”, by opening and closing your fingers into your palm. Sometimes, you even say “Ah!” with the intonation of “Hi!”… mostly when we’re waving to the animals in your toys. So precious!

12/5: You’re pretty much walking everywhere (crawling maybe only 2% of the time).  You point at things to communicate what you want and/or where you want to go.  When you eat something and we ask if it’s yummy, you go “Mmm!”

Lily | 11th Month (Sep-Oct)

9/19 – Hannah’s birthday party! You loved the bouncy house:

9/20 – “Thank you”/Passing game: We went to Islands to escape the heat, and you started passing Daddy’s credit card back and forth to us, handing it over to me, then to Daddy.  Every time we’d accept it from you, we’d say “Thank you!” and you’d get the biggest grin!

9/20 – You love seeing yourself in the mirror! What a sweetheart you are!

9/28 – First word!: We think you’re saying “Duke”! You say the same single syllable when we ask you to say “Duke”, and you’re looking around for him or at him!

9/29 – Definitely first word 😉 I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched this!

10/4 – You love giving Duke treats!

10/12 – Second word?: We think you’re saying “Da-da” 🙂  It’s not quite as clear and certain as “Duke”, but seems like that’s what it is.

10/15 – Dancing


10/12 – Lily Dawn, I can’t believe you’re 11 months this month.  You bring so much joy and light into this home, and God has been teaching me so much through you.  From learning how to slow down and enjoy the world around me with delight and awe, to seeing how awesome His endless patience is toward us.  I’ve also never before seen so clearly how much we need Jesus.  Without Him, we are of the world and there is nothing lovely about our lives. But with Him, we become beautiful creations that reflect Him. The Lord is already using you mightily, sweet girl.

I get such joy out of getting you from your crib when you wake up in the morning.  You are always so happy, and almost immediately squeal “Duke!” looking for your little buddy.  We give you Joe’s O’s (Cheerios) in a little cup, and Duke is always right by your side.  We think he gets just about all of them, but you seem to enjoy the process.

One thing I remember about this age for you (10-11 months) is that you liked to hold on to two of a kind while crawling.  For example, if you found two of the same balls, you’d try to crawl while holding one in each hand.  Adorable. 🙂

Lily | 12th Month (Oct-Nov)

Lily Dawn,

Today, you turn 1!  I’m truly amazed, not just at how quickly the year has flown, but at how much has happened in it.  Not only have you learned soooo much, but you’ve taught us a lot as well, and have transformed us into parents.  Thank you. <3

Over the last month, you’ve learned to walk.  You had taken a couple steps at a time when Daddy or I would encourage you, but it really started happening on 11/4 when Aunt Sara and Hannah were over.  You must have seen Hannah walking around, and at one point just decided you’d walk to her.  You took like 8 steps!  From that point on, you’ve been working diligently at your new skill.  You haven’t given crawling quite yet, but I imagine you will in the next week or two.  We are so proud of you!

You also decided you were done nursing… maybe about 3-4 weeks ago.  I knew the time would come, but I wasn’t quite ready for it!  That’s OK though… there are wonderful things about each stage, and I’m welcoming all that comes with this one.  You’ve been very into milk and fruit smoothies, but not so much into straight milk yet.  🙂

You had your 1-year doctor visit, too (technically after you turned 12 months). They kept saying how big you were! You are 100th percentile for height (basically, off the charts!), and around 92% for weight. Go Lily!

You also had to get 6. Separate. Shots. …ugh! I felt terrible. You were not happy about them, but you seemed to recover from the trauma pretty quickly. 😉

10/22: Daddy-Daughter Selfies
You and Daddy continue to take selfies… <3

10/31: Your first Halloween!
We put together a little baggie of candy and went over to the neighbors’ across the street to “reverse”-trick-or-treat. They thought you were adorable!

11/2: Grandpa built you a sandbox!
An early birthday present. You LOVE it. <3 This picture is your first time in it.

11/3: Your hair… <3

11/9: We went up to Grandma and Grandpa’s
You and Hannah loved racing around the backyard in the little cars!

11/14: Your first birthday party!
Your party seriously went perfectly. You were so happy the whole time, tackled your cake like a pro, and even started grasping the concept of presents (realizing that what’s inside is something fun for you!).

Lily | 10th Month (Aug-Sep)

Lily Bug!  We can’t believe you’re 10 months old!  Where has the time gone?  You’ve gotten incredibly mobile lately.  And, while you’re very cautious about what you do, you still end up bonking your head quite a bit.  We can always tell wherever you’ve hurt yourself, because it turns red soon after (but fades somewhat quickly).

We’ve been going to church each week now, and you love Sunday school.  You don’t always like when we drop you off, but whenever we pick you up, you’re completely engrossed in play.

You love, love, love going outside to play.  You always head straight for Duke’s water dish if it isn’t up… and then you put your hands in it, and inevitably pick it up and dump all the water out.  You also love getting into Duke’s kibble.  You repeatedly put it in your mouth and don’t seem to mind the taste!  Yuck!

You love getting into the cupboards, and are exploring more of your surroundings.

8/21 – Here you are, getting into the bathroom cabinet.  Literally.

8/23 – Grandma and Grandpa’s: We went up to celebrate Aunt Kelly’s birthday.

8/25 – First clap: This month, you learned how to clap.  Grandma Dawn taught you.  🙂  The first time we saw you do it was when Daddy came home from work.  You clapped when he got out of his car.  What a sweet welcome that was!

8/26 – Bathtime fun: You love your baths. After dinner, we sing “B-A, B-A-T, B-A-T, B-A-T-H Bath-Time [clap, clap] Lily!” and you always smile. You’ve discovered the shower head (which can be pulled down). You’ve realized you can take the plug out of the tub, so you don’t always get a very long soak:

9/1-ish – Standing: You started standing up by yourself, unassisted, for several seconds at a time!

9/8 – Walking with walker: You started walking around with your little grocery cart.

9/10 – Notes from Mommy: You are napping so sweetly in your air-conditioned room. I’m lying on the floor watching you.  How peaceful! You’ve gotten some scrapes on your little sausage-toes from crawling around outside on the rough cement. Poor baby. You are such a sweetheart. I love watching the rise and fall of your back as you sleep on your tummy. Aunt Kelly watched you today.  You gave her lots of kisses!

9/14 – 6th tooth: #2 bottom left (your left)

9/14 – Silly play: Here you are, playing with Daddy. We’ve started putting things on top of our heads, and your head. Whenever you have something on your head, you’re not quite sure how to get it off. You reach your hand up to around your ear, and have this look of sweet confusion, smiling slightly while looking somewhat perplexed.

9/16 – Lily/Mommy Time: God has provided us with an opportunity for Mommy to do freelance work again, which means you and I get to spend more time together.  God is so good!

9/16 – Lily/Duke Time: You and Duke are playing so well together!

9/16 – Angry!: You wanted more apple sauce. Can you tell? 😉

9/16 – Bath time: Your mohawk is getting taller!

9/17 – Daddy-daughter selfies:

9/17 – You’ve discovered the stairs, and scaled the entire staircase on your first go.

9/18 – Music time! You love shaking your maracas (and anything else that makes a noise)

9/18 – Sign language: We saw you sign for the first time, by letting us know you wanted to nurse. We were so excited to see you communicating like that with us!

9/18 – You are stunningly beautiful.

Lily | 9th Month (Jul-Aug)

Milestones and firsts:

  • 8/1: Your first crepe 🙂 You loved it!
  • 8/3: You waved back at us!
  • 8/5: You give (or “accept”) kisses! You let us kiss your tongue with your mouth wide open. Cutest thing ever.
  • 8/14: You got your bottom middle-right tooth

7/20: You started babbling today:

7/20: Your first big-girl bath! You had so much fun with all that extra room… splashing around and playing with your bath toys.

7/24: You and Hannah are starting to interact with each other more. Here you both are, playing with the dogs’ water dish.

7/30: This smile melts my heart!

8/2: We went to Aunt Katie and Uncle Ben’s to celebrate Uncle Ben’s birthday:

8/6: Here we are, being silly. You love taking things out… of cupboards, drawers, cubbies,… everything!

8/7: You, Daddy, and I went to the zoo for my birthday! We saw the goats in the petting zoo, and the giraffes.

8/9: And again, up to the Lazy Dog Ranch. You had so much fun playing with Hannah:

8/11: You sure do enjoy your food:


8/16: You just love your Daddy. And he is smitten with you, sweet girl! <3

8/18: Aunt Jen, Uncle Igor, and Sophie came to stay with us overnight before flying back home to Boston. We went to the park:

You’re getting harder to wrangle these days…

We love you so much, Lily!