Lily | 2nd Month (Dec-Jan)

Lily Bug,

Oh, how the past two months have flown by!  Daddy and I are having so much fun with you.  This last month, you’ve really become much more alert and awake.  You’ve started smiling a lot, recognizing faces, and tracking things (some of your favorites are: lights, blinds, and the pergola outside).

In the past month, you had your first Christmas:

Month 2

Month 2

We spent the morning at home, enjoying you!  We then went over to Aunt Katie and Uncle Ben’s to open presents with everyone (Nana, Papa, Aunt Katie, Uncle Ben, Aunt Boo, Avery, and Kennedy).

The next day, we went up to Grandma and Grandpa’s!  You got to meet Uncle Rusty, Aunt Becca, Michael, Jack, Aunt Jen, Uncle Igor, and Sophie!  Since everyone was there, Grandma and Grandpa had a photographer come to take pictures:






On 12/29, Grandma, Aunt Sara, and Hannah came over:
Month 2

On 12/31, we celebrated Daddy’s birthday. Nana, Papa, Aunt Boo, Aunt Katie, Uncle Ben, Avery, and Kennedy came over:
Month 2

You had a doctor’s appointment on 1/13. You weighed 11lbs exactly. You were 22 (and some-odd) inches. You’re growing!

Month 2

You also had your 2-month vaccines… so sad!  You only cried for a little bit, and then fell back asleep.  You were sleeping so soundly that, on the way home, Mom thought she could drive through In N Out to get some lunch.  Big mistake!  You started crying while we were in the drive-thru.  I was stuck!  🙁  By the time we got home (after hitting every. single. red light.), you were not happy at all.  I felt terrible!


After you got fed, you fell back asleep and slept for most of the day. We got lots of snuggles in!

Month 2


Some other highlights of the month include:

Naps with Dad:
Month 2

Jam sessions with Dad:
Month 2

Enjoying some good music (you love it!)

Some music we listen to the most:

  • Gravity,  John Mayer
  • Thinking Out Loud,  Ed Sheeran
  • Bamboleo, Carlos & Cubalos Rework (Random, but you seem to like the beat)
  • Storm Comin’, The Wailin’ Jennys
  • Jack Johnson (just about all songs!)
  • Tracy Chapman (just about all songs!)