Lily | 4th Month (Feb-Mar)

Lily Bug, we cannot believe how quickly the time is flying with you. You’re already a third into your first year! Stop growing!! Everyone keeps saying how much you look like Daddy.  What do you think?? 😉 Over the last month, you’ve hit some pretty great milestones. 2/25: Your first laugh! 2/27: First roll-over (tummy … [Read more…]

Lily | 3rd Month (Jan-Feb)

Lily, Lily, Lily… I’ve decided that your name stands for Lily, I Love You.  😉  You are just the sweetest thing! This month, you’ve been into: The ceiling fan in the office: You could look up at it for hours! When you’re upset, we take you to the office and have you look up at … [Read more…]