Lily | 4th Month (Feb-Mar)

Lily Bug, we cannot believe how quickly the time is flying with you. You’re already a third into your first year! Stop growing!!

Everyone keeps saying how much you look like Daddy.  What do you think?? 😉

Over the last month, you’ve hit some pretty great milestones.

2/25: Your first laugh!
2/27: First roll-over (tummy to back!)
Late February/Early March: You started “talking” with us by blowing raspberries back-and-forth. The sweetest thing!
3/16: You had your 4-month check-up… you’re growing so fast!


You had a visit from Aunt Boo on 2/20:


Here’s you and Hannah on 2/25:


Nana, Avery, and Kennedy came to visit you on 2/27:


On 2/27, we all went out to a restaurant for the first time ever.  We went to Islands to celebrate 10 years since Dad’s and my first date!  You did great!


More bath time fun 🙂  (3/3/15)


You’ve really started getting into your exersaucer!  (3/6/15)


Here’s you with Nana, Avery, and Kennedy, celebrating Papa’s birthday! (3/10/15)


We went up to Aunt Sara and Uncle Noah’s on 3/12/15 for a visit!  The video below shows you blowing raspberries to Hannah.  This is one of the first times the two of you have actually interacted.  So sweet!


Here’s all three of us at Karl Strauss… your second restaurant experience.  🙂  You did great!  (3/13/15)


Lily, Duke, and Mommy, hanging out!  (3/16/15)


And here’s you at your four-month doctor visit on 3/16/15.  You were such a sweetheart.  I felt terrible when you had to get your shots!  🙁  But you were a trooper.  You cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep.  We snuggled a lot that day!

You’ll also see your stats in the third picture.  You’re growing like a weed!  The doctor said you look great!  🙂


Hanging out with Duke on the couch!  (3/17/15)