Lily | 5th Month (Mar-Apr)

Dear Lily,

You are precious and adored. We are having so much fun with you. I sit here, 6:57pm, after having fed you for part 1 of your bedtime feeding. As usual, you will probably wake in 30-45 minutes for Part 2. I love discovering you! Your rhythms and tendencies, what makes you laugh (neck tickles!), what piques your interest (music, scents… and tonight for the first time, my dinner plate!). I can’t wait to learn more about you, but I also know that doing so must involve you growing. So bittersweet! On one hand, you won’t always be so small to sleep entirely in my arms. But on the other hand, you’ll likely be more of an intentional cuddle bug (something both Daddy and I look forward to!).  Someday, I’ll miss these days where you depend on us for your every need. However, those days will also offer you the freedom to not only address some of those needs, but also explore some of your wants! What will those be? Will you enjoy coloring? Dancing? Being outdoors? I know that watching you and your God-given personality blossom will be a sweet blessing for both Daddy and me.

There is sweetness and magic in each stage of growing up. I am so blessed that the Lord chose me to be your momma… To witness each of those stages right by your side… To encourage you to grow and learn about yourself, the world, and most importantly, God. But not only to learn about him; to KNOW Him. He knows you better than Daddy and I ever will. Better than you ever will. He adores you, and thinks sweet and loving thoughts toward you (Jeremiah 29:11). I’m sure you’ll discover this for yourself, but walking with Him is a joy. I pray every day that you would seek him, adore Him, serve Him. He is faithful, gentle, kind and compassionate. Seek Him for wisdom. Seek Him for peace. Seek Him for joy. Seek Him because He first sought you. He will not let you down.

On another note… I love kissing your supple cheeks! Your skin is soo soft! Your gummy smile is one of sweet LOVE, where your eyes light up with warmth and affection. It melts my heart! Your laugh is way too fun! Sometimes a cackle, sometimes a squeal… It is bright and full of glee and delight! Your little hands… Perfect for grabbing! We joke that watching you try to grab something is like watching someone play skill crane. You spread your arms out like wings and slowly… slowly… zero in on the object of your attention. Sometimes you capture it right away, other times you miss… But whether your hands are full or empty, you nearly always then take them directly to your mouth!

You are working so hard at these new skills! Grabbing, rolling over… I know it must be exhausting!

The last few nights, you’ve been waking only once to eat! What will I do when I lose that last nighttime feeding with you?!

You are so beautiful and innocent and sweet. Such a joy!

Love, Mom

Some highlights from this past month…

3/19 – Your first real babble.  You started randomly while in your Exersaucer before Daddy got home from work.  I was making dinner, and you would not stop talking!  Your first sounds were “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” and “Ooh’s”… and any combination of these!

3/19 – You and Daddy took some great #daddydaughterselfies this month.  Here’s one:

3/26 – You enjoy smelling things… and are showing an interest in food. :-9

4/5 – You had your first Easter! We went to church, and then up to Grandma and Grandpa’s. Sadly, I don’t think we got any pictures!

You’ve also had some pretty good laughs this month:

4/18 – Daddy put up a swing for you in the yard.  You love it!