Lily | 7th Month (May-Jun)

Lily, stop growing so fast! ¬†ūüôā

So much has happened in the last month.  Daddy and I are having so much fun with you!

You’ve been sleeping pretty great, but teething unfortunately. You tend to go to bed around 7:30 (give or take 30 minutes), and sleep until 4 or 5. ¬†At that point, you spend some quality time with Daddy while Mommy gets some work done. ¬†Then, we have a nanny come to play with you for a few hours while Mommy finishes her work. ¬†Her name is Lisa and you seem to really like her!

The great thing is, by around 1pm, I’m done for the day, so you and I have the whole afternoon together. ¬†We like to go shopping, run errands, play outside, take Duke for walks, and play on the carpet.

You’ve been in Sunday School a few times. ¬†Your first time was 5/24 or 5/31 and you did great. ¬†But your second time, on 6/7, wasn’t so good. ¬†We’re hoping that after a few more times, you’ll get used to it!

You’ve been eating great. ¬†You’ve tried so many foods, but your favorites seem to be: avocado, banana, apple puree, and sweet potato. ¬†The ones you’re unsure of at the moment are: yogurt, cheese, tuna, and kiwi. ¬†You enjoy playing with slices of lemon and lime, which is pretty funny to Daddy and me.


  • 6/7/15 – First haircut – It was getting a little unkempt in the back, so we decided to clean it up a little. Not too many 7-month-olds get haircuts!
  • 6/8/15 – First crawl – You crawled with one knee at a time (rather than army crawling).
  • 6/8/15 – Learning names – You’ve been doing this for maybe a month, but we’re seeing it so clearly now. When we ask “where’s Duke?” or “where’s Daddy?”, you turn to look at them. ¬†You are learning so quickly!
  • 6/25/15 – Crawling! – Not just one “step” but multiple. ¬†Amazing!


5/20/15 –¬†You really enjoy eating cucumber! ¬†It’s nice because you can hold it easily by yourself. ¬†But, you tend to drop it often. ūüėČ Duke doesn’t seem to mind that part, though!

5/21/15 –¬†Here’s you at your 6-month doctor appointment. ¬†You were very squirmy while we waited (like 45 minutes!) for the doctor. ¬†You had to get three shots, but you were pretty tough. ¬†We’re so proud of you!

Your stats:

  • Head circumference – 57%
  • Weight – 78%
  • Height – 89%

6/6/15 – Our new Saturday morning ritual… family bed time! Duke even gets to join in sometimes!¬†ūüôā

6/6/15 – We had a busy month, going up to Grandma and Grandpa’s almost every weekend! You were a trooper in the car.

6/6/15 – Your first time in the pool¬†(at Grandma and Grandpa’s). ¬†You liked it!

6/6/15 – Playing in the grass with Hannah, at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

6/8/15 РYou spent some time in our kiddie pool with some frozen apple puree. That was such a sweet afternoon.  I loved enjoying the beautiful weather with my beautiful daughter!

6/7/15 – Your first haircut!

6/16/15 –¬†I just loved watching you sleep like this. ¬†You are loved, Lily!

6/16/15 – At Costco… your first time sitting in the cart like a big girl! You normally¬†hang out in the Ergo, but you did great!

Lily | 6th Month (Apr-May)

Dear Lily,

You’re already halfway through your first year. ¬†Unbelievable! ¬†These past six months have flown by, and it’s been incredible watching you change each day.


  • 4/20 – Rolled over!¬† Your first roll from your back to your tummy… and I missed it! ¬†I had put you down on your back, then looked over to Duke and pet him for a moment. ¬†When I turned back to you, you were on your tummy. ¬†Good job, baby girl! Rolling from back to tummy was a little iffy at first, but you loved sleeping on your tummy, so you got a lot of practice when we’d set you down on your back for nigh-night.
  • 4/26-4/27¬†–¬†Slept through the night! ¬†This was your first time not waking in the middle of the night to eat. ¬†You slept from 8-5!
  • 5/1¬†– Sat unassisted! ¬†You sat up unassisted for like 15 seconds!
  • 5/9¬†– First food! ¬†¬†You tried your first food (sweet potato) and loved it!
  • 5/10¬†–¬†Scooted!¬† You sure are getting mobile!

4/20/15 – You finally lost the little pimples next to your left eye.

4/23/15 – You were sleeping so sweetly, gripping the bar on your crib. This is one of the last naps you took while swaddled.

4/24/15 – Sweet snuggles with Aunt Boo.

4/26/15 – You and Daddy take the best selfies!

4/29/15 – We went to Island’s with Grandma. This was your first time sitting in the high chair. You did great!

4/30/15 – Could you be any cuter?!

5/1/15 – This hair might give you trouble… ūüėČ

5/1/15 – You enjoyed playing in your birthday suit!

5/1/15 – Cutest little shape ever!

5/1/15 – This is what you sound like when you complain. ūüėČ

5/1/15 – You love swinging!

5/3/15 – We walked over to the bagel shop for breakfast. You don’t seem to mind your jogging stroller! Although, you’d pretty much always rather be held by one of us.

5/5/15 – We love making you laugh — it brings a smile to our face every time!

5/6/15 – Hanging out with Duke!

5/6/15 – You love going in your swing! And being outside, in general!

5/6/15 – These lips are so kissable! <3

5/9/15 – You love your daddy! <3

5/9/15 – Your FIRST food (sweet potato). You loved it, and ate like you’d been doing it for months.

5/10/15 – Such a sweet sleeper. I love having you in bed with us (although, I think we all get more sleep with you in your crib!).

5/10/15 – Mother’s Day breakfast!

5/10/15 – The first time you really scooted.

5/16/15 – Playtime with Hannah, and snuggles with Grandpa

5/18/15 – You’re officially 6 months old! Halfway through your first year, and the time sure is flying by.

5/18/15 – You tried tuna for the first time, and weren’t such a fan. Ha!