Lily | 9th Month (Jul-Aug)

Milestones and firsts:

  • 8/1: Your first crepe πŸ™‚ You loved it!
  • 8/3: You waved back at us!
  • 8/5: You give (or “accept”) kisses! You let us kiss your tongue with your mouth wide open. Cutest thing ever.
  • 8/14: You got your bottom middle-right tooth

7/20: You started babbling today:

7/20: Your first big-girl bath! You had so much fun with all that extra room… splashing around and playing with your bath toys.

7/24: You and Hannah are starting to interact with each other more. Here you both are, playing with the dogs’ water dish.

7/30: This smile melts my heart!

8/2: We went to Aunt Katie and Uncle Ben’s to celebrate Uncle Ben’s birthday:

8/6: Here we are, being silly. You love taking things out… of cupboards, drawers, cubbies,… everything!

8/7: You, Daddy, and I went to the zoo for my birthday! We saw the goats in the petting zoo, and the giraffes.

8/9: And again, up to the Lazy Dog Ranch. You had so much fun playing with Hannah:

8/11: You sure do enjoy your food:


8/16: You just love your Daddy. And he is smitten with you, sweet girl! <3

8/18: Aunt Jen, Uncle Igor, and Sophie came to stay with us overnight before flying back home to Boston. We went to the park:

You’re getting harder to wrangle these days…

We love you so much, Lily!

Lily | 8th Month (Jun-Jul)

Lily, you’re growing too fast!

One of the highlights from this month is that you cut four teeth within 6 days!

  • 7/5/15: Your first tooth came in! Β It was your Lower-Right B in the chart below (on the left side of the chart).
  • 7/8/15: Your second tooth! Lower-Left A πŸ™‚
  • 7/10/15: Tooth #3! Upper-Right A
  • 7/11/15: Upper-Left A





There have been a lot of other things going on, too…

6/21: You love bouncing up and down!

6/26: You pulled yourself up for the first time:

In other news… you fed yourself for the first time on 7/3 (you grabbed some egg and got it into your mouth!).


6/25: Such a good eater!

7/2: You love your Nana!

7/3: You’re starting to get into things. It’s the beginning of the end! πŸ˜‰

7/4: You like to climb all over us… πŸ™‚

And sometimes it doesn’t end so well…

You’ve gotten really good at catching yourself when sitting up. You also do this thing when trying to stand (when we hold you up): you curl your toes underneath you (you also curl them on your swing).

Like this:

And this:

And, when you’re jostled, you always bring your hand to your mouth (which makes me nervous you’re going to bite your hand!).Β You also tend to sit with your tongue out over your gums. Be careful!

One of my favorite things is the shape your profile takes when you’re looking down. Your cheeks puff out and your lips stick out…
I also love how, when you’re done nursing, your lower lip rests ever so slightly out in front of your upper. That’s how I know you’re finished. Like this!

7/6: We went to a Baby Sign Language class at the library. It was nice to get out of the house and learn a few signs. Now the question is… can Mommy be consistent enough to use them? πŸ˜‰

7/11: We celebrated your great-grandpa’s 90th birthday! He keeps saying what a “pretty little thing” you are.

7/13: Your hair continues to grow. And so… the obligatory bath-time mohawk:

7/18: Here you are, exploring the house… and discovering the vents! πŸ˜‰

We love you, sweet girl! <3