Lily | 9th Month (Jul-Aug)

Milestones and firsts: 8/1: Your first crepe πŸ™‚ You loved it! 8/3: You waved back at us! 8/5: You give (or “accept”) kisses! You let us kiss your tongue with your mouth wide open. Cutest thing ever. 8/14: You got your bottom middle-right tooth 7/20: You started babbling today: 7/20: Your first big-girl bath! You … [Read more…]

Lily | 8th Month (Jun-Jul)

Lily, you’re growing too fast! One of the highlights from this month is that you cut four teeth within 6 days! 7/5/15: Your first tooth came in! Β It was your Lower-Right B in the chart below (on the left side of the chart). 7/8/15: Your second tooth! Lower-Left A πŸ™‚ 7/10/15: Tooth #3! Upper-Right A … [Read more…]