Lily | 9th Month (Jul-Aug)

Milestones and firsts:

  • 8/1: Your first crepe 🙂 You loved it!
  • 8/3: You waved back at us!
  • 8/5: You give (or “accept”) kisses! You let us kiss your tongue with your mouth wide open. Cutest thing ever.
  • 8/14: You got your bottom middle-right tooth

7/20: You started babbling today:

7/20: Your first big-girl bath! You had so much fun with all that extra room… splashing around and playing with your bath toys.

7/24: You and Hannah are starting to interact with each other more. Here you both are, playing with the dogs’ water dish.

7/30: This smile melts my heart!

8/2: We went to Aunt Katie and Uncle Ben’s to celebrate Uncle Ben’s birthday:

8/6: Here we are, being silly. You love taking things out… of cupboards, drawers, cubbies,… everything!

8/7: You, Daddy, and I went to the zoo for my birthday! We saw the goats in the petting zoo, and the giraffes.

8/9: And again, up to the Lazy Dog Ranch. You had so much fun playing with Hannah:

8/11: You sure do enjoy your food:


8/16: You just love your Daddy. And he is smitten with you, sweet girl! <3

8/18: Aunt Jen, Uncle Igor, and Sophie came to stay with us overnight before flying back home to Boston. We went to the park:

You’re getting harder to wrangle these days…

We love you so much, Lily!