Lily | 10th Month (Aug-Sep)

Lily Bug!  We can’t believe you’re 10 months old!  Where has the time gone?  You’ve gotten incredibly mobile lately.  And, while you’re very cautious about what you do, you still end up bonking your head quite a bit.  We can always tell wherever you’ve hurt yourself, because it turns red soon after (but fades somewhat quickly).

We’ve been going to church each week now, and you love Sunday school.  You don’t always like when we drop you off, but whenever we pick you up, you’re completely engrossed in play.

You love, love, love going outside to play.  You always head straight for Duke’s water dish if it isn’t up… and then you put your hands in it, and inevitably pick it up and dump all the water out.  You also love getting into Duke’s kibble.  You repeatedly put it in your mouth and don’t seem to mind the taste!  Yuck!

You love getting into the cupboards, and are exploring more of your surroundings.

8/21 – Here you are, getting into the bathroom cabinet.  Literally.

8/23 – Grandma and Grandpa’s: We went up to celebrate Aunt Kelly’s birthday.

8/25 – First clap: This month, you learned how to clap.  Grandma Dawn taught you.  🙂  The first time we saw you do it was when Daddy came home from work.  You clapped when he got out of his car.  What a sweet welcome that was!

8/26 – Bathtime fun: You love your baths. After dinner, we sing “B-A, B-A-T, B-A-T, B-A-T-H Bath-Time [clap, clap] Lily!” and you always smile. You’ve discovered the shower head (which can be pulled down). You’ve realized you can take the plug out of the tub, so you don’t always get a very long soak:

9/1-ish – Standing: You started standing up by yourself, unassisted, for several seconds at a time!

9/8 – Walking with walker: You started walking around with your little grocery cart.

9/10 – Notes from Mommy: You are napping so sweetly in your air-conditioned room. I’m lying on the floor watching you.  How peaceful! You’ve gotten some scrapes on your little sausage-toes from crawling around outside on the rough cement. Poor baby. You are such a sweetheart. I love watching the rise and fall of your back as you sleep on your tummy. Aunt Kelly watched you today.  You gave her lots of kisses!

9/14 – 6th tooth: #2 bottom left (your left)

9/14 – Silly play: Here you are, playing with Daddy. We’ve started putting things on top of our heads, and your head. Whenever you have something on your head, you’re not quite sure how to get it off. You reach your hand up to around your ear, and have this look of sweet confusion, smiling slightly while looking somewhat perplexed.

9/16 – Lily/Mommy Time: God has provided us with an opportunity for Mommy to do freelance work again, which means you and I get to spend more time together.  God is so good!

9/16 – Lily/Duke Time: You and Duke are playing so well together!

9/16 – Angry!: You wanted more apple sauce. Can you tell? 😉

9/16 – Bath time: Your mohawk is getting taller!

9/17 – Daddy-daughter selfies:

9/17 – You’ve discovered the stairs, and scaled the entire staircase on your first go.

9/18 – Music time! You love shaking your maracas (and anything else that makes a noise)

9/18 – Sign language: We saw you sign for the first time, by letting us know you wanted to nurse. We were so excited to see you communicating like that with us!

9/18 – You are stunningly beautiful.