Lily | 12th Month (Oct-Nov)

Lily Dawn,

Today, you turn 1!  I’m truly amazed, not just at how quickly the year has flown, but at how much has happened in it.  Not only have you learned soooo much, but you’ve taught us a lot as well, and have transformed us into parents.  Thank you. <3

Over the last month, you’ve learned to walk.  You had taken a couple steps at a time when Daddy or I would encourage you, but it really started happening on 11/4 when Aunt Sara and Hannah were over.  You must have seen Hannah walking around, and at one point just decided you’d walk to her.  You took like 8 steps!  From that point on, you’ve been working diligently at your new skill.  You haven’t given crawling quite yet, but I imagine you will in the next week or two.  We are so proud of you!

You also decided you were done nursing… maybe about 3-4 weeks ago.  I knew the time would come, but I wasn’t quite ready for it!  That’s OK though… there are wonderful things about each stage, and I’m welcoming all that comes with this one.  You’ve been very into milk and fruit smoothies, but not so much into straight milk yet.  🙂

You had your 1-year doctor visit, too (technically after you turned 12 months). They kept saying how big you were! You are 100th percentile for height (basically, off the charts!), and around 92% for weight. Go Lily!

You also had to get 6. Separate. Shots. …ugh! I felt terrible. You were not happy about them, but you seemed to recover from the trauma pretty quickly. 😉

10/22: Daddy-Daughter Selfies
You and Daddy continue to take selfies… <3

10/31: Your first Halloween!
We put together a little baggie of candy and went over to the neighbors’ across the street to “reverse”-trick-or-treat. They thought you were adorable!

11/2: Grandpa built you a sandbox!
An early birthday present. You LOVE it. <3 This picture is your first time in it.

11/3: Your hair… <3

11/9: We went up to Grandma and Grandpa’s
You and Hannah loved racing around the backyard in the little cars!

11/14: Your first birthday party!
Your party seriously went perfectly. You were so happy the whole time, tackled your cake like a pro, and even started grasping the concept of presents (realizing that what’s inside is something fun for you!).