Lily | 13th Month (Nov-Dec)

Dear Lily, You are adored. Everyday, we marvel at what a sweet, good girl you are. You are such a good listener! You’ve learned that some things are off limits (like Duke’s water dish and his kibble), and even though you’d really like to play with them, you understand when we say “no no”, and … [Read more…]

Lily | 11th Month (Sep-Oct)

9/19 – Hannah’s birthday party! You loved the bouncy house: 9/20 – “Thank you”/Passing game: We went to Islands to escape the heat, and you started passing Daddy’s credit card back and forth to us, handing it over to me, then to Daddy. ¬†Every time we’d accept it from you, we’d say “Thank you!” and … [Read more…]