Lily | 13th Month (Nov-Dec)

Dear Lily,

You are adored. Everyday, we marvel at what a sweet, good girl you are. You are such a good listener! You’ve learned that some things are off limits (like Duke’s water dish and his kibble), and even though you’d really like to play with them, you understand when we say “no no”, and you move on to something else. We are so proud of you!

You’re getting quite good at communicating, too. You mostly point at things while babbling with various tones to tell us what you want. It is such a joy to interact with you and watch you learn and grow.

You stil love bath time, and even say it now. After dinner, when we start singing our “B-A-, B-A-T-, B-A-T-, B-A-T-H, Bath Time! [clap, clap] Lily!”, you get the biggest grin on your face, and say “Ba-ba”. (While you say “Ba-ba” for other things, you are very intentional about it in this context!) It is so sweet!  We then say “But before bath time, we have to get you naked” and you say “neh!”

You are pretty much walking everywhere. You hardly crawl these days. How did that happen so quickly?!

There was a point, maybe about a month ago, when you’d say “Mmm” while eating things you liked. Especially if I asked “Is that yummy?”, you almost seemed to think that you had to respond with “Mmm!” Adorable. You were particularly into tropical smoothies.

As I write this, it’s 12/14. We have a fake Christmas tree, but got a real wreath and hung it up on the wall. You love to get up really close to it and smell it! Before we hung it, we had it sitting on the ottoman, and you walked up and just put your face in it and sniffed in-out-in-out. So. Incredibly. Cute.

You also love to curl up in Duke’s beds. Makes me think we should get at least one in every room, so you both have somewhere cozy to lie down. 🙂

The day after Thanksgiving, Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Mike came down and watched you overnight while Daddy and I went on a mini vacation. You had such a great time with them, and they just kept saying how sweet and good you are!

Another update… we switched your carseat to forward-facing, and put a Kindle in front of you so you can watch Mary Poppins while we drive. You are SO much happier (and so are we!). You were getting uncomfortable in the rear-facing position, and would cry pretty much every time we went for a drive.

You are also learning to wave “hi” and “bye bye”, by opening and closing your fingers into your palm. Sometimes, you even say “Ah!” with the intonation of “Hi!”… mostly when we’re waving to the animals in your toys. So precious!

12/5: You’re pretty much walking everywhere (crawling maybe only 2% of the time).  You point at things to communicate what you want and/or where you want to go.  When you eat something and we ask if it’s yummy, you go “Mmm!”