Lily | 2016


You are beautiful!  We enjoy you so much.  Every day is a new adventure with you, and you are learning a ton.


1/20/16: You can say “more” (“maw”).  There were a few days that I would sing “Just a spoonful of sugar…” and then I’d stop, and you’d say “maw”.  I’d say “More what?”, and you’d go “ahh”.  <3

1/25/16: You are just so stinking cute!  I love hearing you talk!  You can say “up!” when you want to be held.  Sometimes you get it backwards and say “puh!”  I then say “Can you say please?” and you say “pee” with a sweet smile on your face.  You are irresistible.  (3/11/16: Grandma Dawn noticed this when she and Grandpa were watching you.  You kept wanting more cookies.  You’d say “pee” and she just couldn’t say no!)

4/4/16: When you want to be picked up, or put down, or are generally not content, you say “up-down!” The “up” has an upward intonation, and the “down” has a downward intonation.  So cute!

6/21/16: Words!

  • You say “um!” when pointing to some kind of food or drink we have.  I think it comes from when we ask “Do you want some?” (I think you’re saying “some”)
  • “Teppy” is ketchup.  You love it!
  • “Szoo” is smoothie.  You wanted one every morning for a good 2-3 months!
  • “Holdju” when you want us to hold you… or hold anything else you might be handing over to us.
  • “Imee” is ice cream.  You’re a big fan.  🙂
  • “Dee-Tie” is Daniel Tiger, your favorite show (and still the case, even as I update this blog on 10/27/16).
  • You are getting good with counting!  When we tell you to wait, you’re learning to count… you say “Twooo?”  So sweet!  (And now, as of 10/27/16, you can count to 13!  We are amazed!)
  • “A-den?” is “Again?”


  • You are so much fun!  You went poop on the potty for the first time today.  We are so proud!
  • When Daniel Tiger was playing, one episode ended and another was going to begin automatically. You grabbed Daddy’s controller and pointed it at the tv and said “eh-bah (X-Box) turn on!”  It turned on by itself and you said to Daddy “I did it all by myself!”
  • You have learned quite a few letters!  “L” for Lily; “D” for Duke and Daddy; “M” for Mommy; “I” for ice cream; “Y” for yummy; “B” for brother and bean bag…


  • Mommy and Daddy: “Lily, what is the baby going to look like?”  Lily: “Purple eyes”
  • Daddy: “Lily, what color hair does mommy have?”  Lily: “Gay” (“gray”… you hadn’t learned the color blond yet!)


  • You are potty trained (aside from a few accidents when you’re distracted).  We are so proud of you!  When you have to go potty you say “Ha tu go to a pa-ee, tah-e-go whi awei, fuh ah wah eh be on-aw WAY!” (from Daniel Tiger’s song: “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!”)
  • You have a cute little lop-sided skip that you do when you’re playing or being silly.  Such a goofball!  <3


  • You like to play “catching ball” at night with Daddy and me.


  • “Bess liu!” = “Bless you!”
  • Nana and Papa watched you last night while we went to Daddy’s company Christmas party. In the morning, you woke up and said “Na an Pop an Mol went home”. You then looked contemplative for a moment and said “What did you guys went?” We were so impressed that you asked such a thoughtful question!  You are so smart with your words, Lily!


  • “Bet en” = “Blanket”


  • “One, two, sieve, soaw, sive, sits…” 🙂
  • “Dom” = “Grandma”
  • “Dahp” = “Grandpa”
  • “Nan & Pop” = “Nana & Papa”