Wyatt | February 2017


Dear son,

Daddy and I are both anxiously awaiting your arrival, and cannot wait to meet you.  The doctors think you’ll be big, and I agree (you feel much bigger to me than your sister did!).  You seem to be taking your sweet time in there, though.  I thought you’d make your appearance a week or two ago!  I just can’t wait to see your face and hold you… and bring you home!  Grandma Dawn thinks you’ll be born today, and weigh 8lb 9oz.  Daddy thinks you’ll be born Wednesday, 3/1 or Thursday 3/2.  He says if you weigh over 10.5lb, your name will be Magnus.  🙂  I’m pulling for Wyatt.  😉

Overall, this pregnancy has been wonderful!  Morning sickness wasn’t too bad… ended around 14 weeks, and was helped a lot by taking vitamin B6.  I have felt great throughout the last nine months, and you have looked healthy and perfect in all of the doctor visits.  Lately, I’ve been feeling completely exhausted and out of breath… ready to get you out!  Last week, the doctor listened to your heart beat and it seemed a little slow for you, so she sent me to Labor and Delivery for further monitoring.  It was kind of exciting, thinking maybe they would induce me!  But nope!  Four days later and you’re still in my tummy!

Lily keeps asking if you’ve come out yet.  She seems excited to meet you.  🙂  We all wonder what you’ll look like!  For the longest time, Lily kept saying you would have purple eyes.  Now, she says they’ll be green!

Love you!

<3, Mom

Lily | 2017


  • Daddy got you out of the car and said “Man, you’re big!”.  You said “I not a man!”


  • You’ve been adding “n” to double-syllable words lately.  For example, “triangle” is “tine-gohn” and “circle” is “circohn”


  • “Amelins” = “Animals”
  • “Uh-felint” = “Elephant”


  • We were talking about mango, and you said “Just like the song”.  I said “What song?”.  You said “And Mango was his name-o!” 🙂


  • When we read books, you want us to start them with “Once-a once-a time”


Lily Dawn,

A little over two years ago, you came into our lives, starting a complete transformation in me.  Without even trying, you have led me into motherhood with a patience and forgiveness that blesses my heart.  As our first child, you opened the doors to a place in my heart that I didn’t even know existed.  Through you, God has molded me and continues to do so.  Thank you for being such a loving daughter!  I am so blessed by the relationship we have, and look forward to watching it mature as we both grow.

Very soon, we will welcome your little brother into our family.  <3  I can’t wait to watch you grow in a completely new facet: as big sister!  You and your brother will be such blessings to each other, and to both Daddy and me.  While life at home will look a little different at first, I want you to know how proud Daddy and I are of you, and how precious you are to us.

I love you so much, my sweet girl!

<3, Mom