Wyatt | February 2017

2/27/17: Dear son, Daddy and I are both anxiously awaiting your arrival, and cannot wait to meet you.  The doctors think you’ll be big, and I agree (you feel much bigger to me than your sister did!).  You seem to be taking your sweet time in there, though.  I thought you’d make your appearance a … [Read more…]

Lily | 2017

1/7/17: Daddy got you out of the car and said “Man, you’re big!”.  You said “I not a man!” 1/17/17: You’ve been adding “n” to double-syllable words lately.  For example, “triangle” is “tine-gohn” and “circle” is “circohn” 2/7/17: “Amelins” = “Animals” “Uh-felint” = “Elephant” 2/21/17: We were talking about mango, and you said “Just like … [Read more…]