Lily | 2017


  • Daddy got you out of the car and said “Man, you’re big!”.  You said “I not a man!”


  • You’ve been adding “n” to double-syllable words lately.  For example, “triangle” is “tine-gohn” and “circle” is “circohn”


  • “Amelins” = “Animals”
  • “Uh-felint” = “Elephant”


  • We were talking about mango, and you said “Just like the song”.  I said “What song?”.  You said “And Mango was his name-o!” 🙂


  • When we read books, you want us to start them with “Once-a once-a time”


Lily Dawn,

A little over two years ago, you came into our lives, starting a complete transformation in me.  Without even trying, you have led me into motherhood with a patience and forgiveness that blesses my heart.  As our first child, you opened the doors to a place in my heart that I didn’t even know existed.  Through you, God has molded me and continues to do so.  Thank you for being such a loving daughter!  I am so blessed by the relationship we have, and look forward to watching it mature as we both grow.

Very soon, we will welcome your little brother into our family.  <3  I can’t wait to watch you grow in a completely new facet: as big sister!  You and your brother will be such blessings to each other, and to both Daddy and me.  While life at home will look a little different at first, I want you to know how proud Daddy and I are of you, and how precious you are to us.

I love you so much, my sweet girl!

<3, Mom