Wyatt | April 2017

Dear Wyatt,

You are almost 2 months old now, and I haven’t even done a post for you yet!  But oh, how I am enjoying you.  🙂

Your Birth

Daddy and I went to the hospital on Thursday, 3/2 to be induced.  Since your heart rate kept dipping, and since you were possibly going to be a big baby, we decided to induce a few days before your due date (3/6/17).  When we checked into the hospital, they didn’t have any rooms for us.  So, we had to stay overnight in a triage room, and your poor dad had to sleep in a chair!  They started inducing, but nothing happened.  For 12 hours!  They did a second kind of induction the next day (Friday, 3/3) at around 2pm (I think?) and that’s when things started happening.  I was pretty comfortable until around midnight, and that’s when I asked for the epidural!  It was great… until around 4am?  At around 5:30am, they checked me and said you were on your way!  After 30 minutes of pushing (one contraction pushing, the next one resting due to your heart rate), you were out!  You looked so healthy!  I loved just getting to hold you and snuggle with you.  You nursed right away… for about an hour!  What a sweet experience that was for me!

  • Born on: 3/4/17 at 6:08am
  • Weight: 8lb, 1oz
  • Length: 21.25″

Your First Two Months

We got to come home with you on Monday morning.  Grandpa Mike and Grandma Dawn brought Lily down to meet you.  She loved you right from the beginning!

You’ve been a trooper too.  You’ve come with us to the mall, to church and Bible school, to Lily’s swim lessons, to Sea World and the Wild Animal Park… to mommy’s TWO HOUR LONG eye doctor appointment (right in the middle of the usual fussy evening hours), and you’ve been so patient and easy going with all of them.  I am so blessed and impressed by you!

You’re a pretty good sleeper too.  You usually give us one 5-6 (one time 7) hour stretch at night, along with a 2-3 hour stretch.  You go down easily too.  Unbelievably easy going you are!

It’s been a busy and wonderful couple of months with you here, Wyatt.  We’ve enjoyed every moment of you!