Lily | 8th Month (Jun-Jul)

Lily, you’re growing too fast!

One of the highlights from this month is that you cut four teeth within 6 days!

  • 7/5/15: Your first tooth came in!  It was your Lower-Right B in the chart below (on the left side of the chart).
  • 7/8/15: Your second tooth! Lower-Left A 🙂
  • 7/10/15: Tooth #3! Upper-Right A
  • 7/11/15: Upper-Left A





There have been a lot of other things going on, too…

6/21: You love bouncing up and down!

6/26: You pulled yourself up for the first time:

In other news… you fed yourself for the first time on 7/3 (you grabbed some egg and got it into your mouth!).


6/25: Such a good eater!

7/2: You love your Nana!

7/3: You’re starting to get into things. It’s the beginning of the end! 😉

7/4: You like to climb all over us… 🙂

And sometimes it doesn’t end so well…

You’ve gotten really good at catching yourself when sitting up. You also do this thing when trying to stand (when we hold you up): you curl your toes underneath you (you also curl them on your swing).

Like this:

And this:

And, when you’re jostled, you always bring your hand to your mouth (which makes me nervous you’re going to bite your hand!). You also tend to sit with your tongue out over your gums. Be careful!

One of my favorite things is the shape your profile takes when you’re looking down. Your cheeks puff out and your lips stick out…
I also love how, when you’re done nursing, your lower lip rests ever so slightly out in front of your upper. That’s how I know you’re finished. Like this!

7/6: We went to a Baby Sign Language class at the library. It was nice to get out of the house and learn a few signs. Now the question is… can Mommy be consistent enough to use them? 😉

7/11: We celebrated your great-grandpa’s 90th birthday! He keeps saying what a “pretty little thing” you are.

7/13: Your hair continues to grow. And so… the obligatory bath-time mohawk:

7/18: Here you are, exploring the house… and discovering the vents! 😉

We love you, sweet girl! <3

Lily | 7th Month (May-Jun)

Lily, stop growing so fast!  🙂

So much has happened in the last month.  Daddy and I are having so much fun with you!

You’ve been sleeping pretty great, but teething unfortunately. You tend to go to bed around 7:30 (give or take 30 minutes), and sleep until 4 or 5.  At that point, you spend some quality time with Daddy while Mommy gets some work done.  Then, we have a nanny come to play with you for a few hours while Mommy finishes her work.  Her name is Lisa and you seem to really like her!

The great thing is, by around 1pm, I’m done for the day, so you and I have the whole afternoon together.  We like to go shopping, run errands, play outside, take Duke for walks, and play on the carpet.

You’ve been in Sunday School a few times.  Your first time was 5/24 or 5/31 and you did great.  But your second time, on 6/7, wasn’t so good.  We’re hoping that after a few more times, you’ll get used to it!

You’ve been eating great.  You’ve tried so many foods, but your favorites seem to be: avocado, banana, apple puree, and sweet potato.  The ones you’re unsure of at the moment are: yogurt, cheese, tuna, and kiwi.  You enjoy playing with slices of lemon and lime, which is pretty funny to Daddy and me.


  • 6/7/15 – First haircut – It was getting a little unkempt in the back, so we decided to clean it up a little. Not too many 7-month-olds get haircuts!
  • 6/8/15 – First crawl – You crawled with one knee at a time (rather than army crawling).
  • 6/8/15 – Learning names – You’ve been doing this for maybe a month, but we’re seeing it so clearly now. When we ask “where’s Duke?” or “where’s Daddy?”, you turn to look at them.  You are learning so quickly!
  • 6/25/15 – Crawling! – Not just one “step” but multiple.  Amazing!


5/20/15 – You really enjoy eating cucumber!  It’s nice because you can hold it easily by yourself.  But, you tend to drop it often. 😉 Duke doesn’t seem to mind that part, though!

5/21/15 – Here’s you at your 6-month doctor appointment.  You were very squirmy while we waited (like 45 minutes!) for the doctor.  You had to get three shots, but you were pretty tough.  We’re so proud of you!

Your stats:

  • Head circumference – 57%
  • Weight – 78%
  • Height – 89%

6/6/15 – Our new Saturday morning ritual… family bed time! Duke even gets to join in sometimes! 🙂

6/6/15 – We had a busy month, going up to Grandma and Grandpa’s almost every weekend! You were a trooper in the car.

6/6/15 – Your first time in the pool (at Grandma and Grandpa’s).  You liked it!

6/6/15 – Playing in the grass with Hannah, at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

6/8/15 – You spent some time in our kiddie pool with some frozen apple puree. That was such a sweet afternoon.  I loved enjoying the beautiful weather with my beautiful daughter!

6/7/15 – Your first haircut!

6/16/15 – I just loved watching you sleep like this.  You are loved, Lily!

6/16/15 – At Costco… your first time sitting in the cart like a big girl! You normally hang out in the Ergo, but you did great!

Lily | 6th Month (Apr-May)

Dear Lily,

You’re already halfway through your first year.  Unbelievable!  These past six months have flown by, and it’s been incredible watching you change each day.


  • 4/20 – Rolled over!  Your first roll from your back to your tummy… and I missed it!  I had put you down on your back, then looked over to Duke and pet him for a moment.  When I turned back to you, you were on your tummy.  Good job, baby girl! Rolling from back to tummy was a little iffy at first, but you loved sleeping on your tummy, so you got a lot of practice when we’d set you down on your back for nigh-night.
  • 4/26-4/27 – Slept through the night!  This was your first time not waking in the middle of the night to eat.  You slept from 8-5!
  • 5/1 – Sat unassisted!  You sat up unassisted for like 15 seconds!
  • 5/9 – First food!   You tried your first food (sweet potato) and loved it!
  • 5/10 – Scooted!  You sure are getting mobile!

4/20/15 – You finally lost the little pimples next to your left eye.

4/23/15 – You were sleeping so sweetly, gripping the bar on your crib. This is one of the last naps you took while swaddled.

4/24/15 – Sweet snuggles with Aunt Boo.

4/26/15 – You and Daddy take the best selfies!

4/29/15 – We went to Island’s with Grandma. This was your first time sitting in the high chair. You did great!

4/30/15 – Could you be any cuter?!

5/1/15 – This hair might give you trouble… 😉

5/1/15 – You enjoyed playing in your birthday suit!

5/1/15 – Cutest little shape ever!

5/1/15 – This is what you sound like when you complain. 😉

5/1/15 – You love swinging!

5/3/15 – We walked over to the bagel shop for breakfast. You don’t seem to mind your jogging stroller! Although, you’d pretty much always rather be held by one of us.

5/5/15 – We love making you laugh — it brings a smile to our face every time!

5/6/15 – Hanging out with Duke!

5/6/15 – You love going in your swing! And being outside, in general!

5/6/15 – These lips are so kissable! <3

5/9/15 – You love your daddy! <3

5/9/15 – Your FIRST food (sweet potato). You loved it, and ate like you’d been doing it for months.

5/10/15 – Such a sweet sleeper. I love having you in bed with us (although, I think we all get more sleep with you in your crib!).

5/10/15 – Mother’s Day breakfast!

5/10/15 – The first time you really scooted.

5/16/15 – Playtime with Hannah, and snuggles with Grandpa

5/18/15 – You’re officially 6 months old! Halfway through your first year, and the time sure is flying by.

5/18/15 – You tried tuna for the first time, and weren’t such a fan. Ha!

Lily | 5th Month (Mar-Apr)

Dear Lily,

You are precious and adored. We are having so much fun with you. I sit here, 6:57pm, after having fed you for part 1 of your bedtime feeding. As usual, you will probably wake in 30-45 minutes for Part 2. I love discovering you! Your rhythms and tendencies, what makes you laugh (neck tickles!), what piques your interest (music, scents… and tonight for the first time, my dinner plate!). I can’t wait to learn more about you, but I also know that doing so must involve you growing. So bittersweet! On one hand, you won’t always be so small to sleep entirely in my arms. But on the other hand, you’ll likely be more of an intentional cuddle bug (something both Daddy and I look forward to!).  Someday, I’ll miss these days where you depend on us for your every need. However, those days will also offer you the freedom to not only address some of those needs, but also explore some of your wants! What will those be? Will you enjoy coloring? Dancing? Being outdoors? I know that watching you and your God-given personality blossom will be a sweet blessing for both Daddy and me.

There is sweetness and magic in each stage of growing up. I am so blessed that the Lord chose me to be your momma… To witness each of those stages right by your side… To encourage you to grow and learn about yourself, the world, and most importantly, God. But not only to learn about him; to KNOW Him. He knows you better than Daddy and I ever will. Better than you ever will. He adores you, and thinks sweet and loving thoughts toward you (Jeremiah 29:11). I’m sure you’ll discover this for yourself, but walking with Him is a joy. I pray every day that you would seek him, adore Him, serve Him. He is faithful, gentle, kind and compassionate. Seek Him for wisdom. Seek Him for peace. Seek Him for joy. Seek Him because He first sought you. He will not let you down.

On another note… I love kissing your supple cheeks! Your skin is soo soft! Your gummy smile is one of sweet LOVE, where your eyes light up with warmth and affection. It melts my heart! Your laugh is way too fun! Sometimes a cackle, sometimes a squeal… It is bright and full of glee and delight! Your little hands… Perfect for grabbing! We joke that watching you try to grab something is like watching someone play skill crane. You spread your arms out like wings and slowly… slowly… zero in on the object of your attention. Sometimes you capture it right away, other times you miss… But whether your hands are full or empty, you nearly always then take them directly to your mouth!

You are working so hard at these new skills! Grabbing, rolling over… I know it must be exhausting!

The last few nights, you’ve been waking only once to eat! What will I do when I lose that last nighttime feeding with you?!

You are so beautiful and innocent and sweet. Such a joy!

Love, Mom

Some highlights from this past month…

3/19 – Your first real babble.  You started randomly while in your Exersaucer before Daddy got home from work.  I was making dinner, and you would not stop talking!  Your first sounds were “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” and “Ooh’s”… and any combination of these!

3/19 – You and Daddy took some great #daddydaughterselfies this month.  Here’s one:

3/26 – You enjoy smelling things… and are showing an interest in food. :-9

4/5 – You had your first Easter! We went to church, and then up to Grandma and Grandpa’s. Sadly, I don’t think we got any pictures!

You’ve also had some pretty good laughs this month:

4/18 – Daddy put up a swing for you in the yard.  You love it!


Lily | 4th Month (Feb-Mar)

Lily Bug, we cannot believe how quickly the time is flying with you. You’re already a third into your first year! Stop growing!!

Everyone keeps saying how much you look like Daddy.  What do you think?? 😉

Over the last month, you’ve hit some pretty great milestones.

2/25: Your first laugh!
2/27: First roll-over (tummy to back!)
Late February/Early March: You started “talking” with us by blowing raspberries back-and-forth. The sweetest thing!
3/16: You had your 4-month check-up… you’re growing so fast!


You had a visit from Aunt Boo on 2/20:


Here’s you and Hannah on 2/25:


Nana, Avery, and Kennedy came to visit you on 2/27:


On 2/27, we all went out to a restaurant for the first time ever.  We went to Islands to celebrate 10 years since Dad’s and my first date!  You did great!


More bath time fun 🙂  (3/3/15)


You’ve really started getting into your exersaucer!  (3/6/15)


Here’s you with Nana, Avery, and Kennedy, celebrating Papa’s birthday! (3/10/15)


We went up to Aunt Sara and Uncle Noah’s on 3/12/15 for a visit!  The video below shows you blowing raspberries to Hannah.  This is one of the first times the two of you have actually interacted.  So sweet!


Here’s all three of us at Karl Strauss… your second restaurant experience.  🙂  You did great!  (3/13/15)


Lily, Duke, and Mommy, hanging out!  (3/16/15)


And here’s you at your four-month doctor visit on 3/16/15.  You were such a sweetheart.  I felt terrible when you had to get your shots!  🙁  But you were a trooper.  You cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep.  We snuggled a lot that day!

You’ll also see your stats in the third picture.  You’re growing like a weed!  The doctor said you look great!  🙂


Hanging out with Duke on the couch!  (3/17/15)

Lily | 3rd Month (Jan-Feb)

Lily, Lily, Lily…

I’ve decided that your name stands for Lily, I Love You.  😉  You are just the sweetest thing!

This month, you’ve been into:

  • The ceiling fan in the office: You could look up at it for hours! When you’re upset, we take you to the office and have you look up at it… it usually calms you down!
  • Your pack-and-play: You love looking up at the toys hanging from above!
  • The downstairs bathroom: You just cannot seem to get enough of yourself in here!  This is another place we take you when you’re upset.  It’s almost like the minute we walk in the bathroom, you turn on the charm!
  • The chandelier in your room: Just like with the ceiling fan, you LOVE looking up at this light (especially when it’s lit).  When you’re sad, we walk “laps” around the rug underneath the light until you calm down.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this past month:

Doing tummy time in your pack-and-play:

Visiting Nana, Avery, and Kennedy:

Getting some pretty awesome baths!  You’re liking it much more than you did a couple months ago!  Daddy and I sure love spending that time with you, too.  You are such a sweet girl.

Visiting Grandma, Aunt Sara, Aunt Kelly, and Hannah:

Giving lots of the sweetest smiles ever!  They are our favorite!  You smile when we talk to you, when we sing to you, and when we make funny noises.

Your hair continues to grow!  Everyone who meets you always comments on how much hair you have.  It’s coming in much lighter, and sometimes even looks reddish.  It sure is fun to style… 🙂

Grandma Dawn came over and watched you while Daddy and I went on a date!

Lily | 2nd Month (Dec-Jan)

Lily Bug,

Oh, how the past two months have flown by!  Daddy and I are having so much fun with you.  This last month, you’ve really become much more alert and awake.  You’ve started smiling a lot, recognizing faces, and tracking things (some of your favorites are: lights, blinds, and the pergola outside).

In the past month, you had your first Christmas:

Month 2

Month 2

We spent the morning at home, enjoying you!  We then went over to Aunt Katie and Uncle Ben’s to open presents with everyone (Nana, Papa, Aunt Katie, Uncle Ben, Aunt Boo, Avery, and Kennedy).

The next day, we went up to Grandma and Grandpa’s!  You got to meet Uncle Rusty, Aunt Becca, Michael, Jack, Aunt Jen, Uncle Igor, and Sophie!  Since everyone was there, Grandma and Grandpa had a photographer come to take pictures:






On 12/29, Grandma, Aunt Sara, and Hannah came over:
Month 2

On 12/31, we celebrated Daddy’s birthday. Nana, Papa, Aunt Boo, Aunt Katie, Uncle Ben, Avery, and Kennedy came over:
Month 2

You had a doctor’s appointment on 1/13. You weighed 11lbs exactly. You were 22 (and some-odd) inches. You’re growing!

Month 2

You also had your 2-month vaccines… so sad!  You only cried for a little bit, and then fell back asleep.  You were sleeping so soundly that, on the way home, Mom thought she could drive through In N Out to get some lunch.  Big mistake!  You started crying while we were in the drive-thru.  I was stuck!  🙁  By the time we got home (after hitting every. single. red light.), you were not happy at all.  I felt terrible!


After you got fed, you fell back asleep and slept for most of the day. We got lots of snuggles in!

Month 2


Some other highlights of the month include:

Naps with Dad:
Month 2

Jam sessions with Dad:
Month 2

Enjoying some good music (you love it!)

Some music we listen to the most:

  • Gravity,  John Mayer
  • Thinking Out Loud,  Ed Sheeran
  • Bamboleo, Carlos & Cubalos Rework (Random, but you seem to like the beat)
  • Storm Comin’, The Wailin’ Jennys
  • Jack Johnson (just about all songs!)
  • Tracy Chapman (just about all songs!)


Lily | 1st Month (Nov-Dec)


Wow.  I can’t believe it’s already been 1 month.  The time has flown, and it’s been so sweet getting to know you and falling more in love with you every day.  You could not be sweeter!  Our favorites have been:

Hearing you “purr”:

Watching you smile and laugh in your sleep:



My first day of maternity leave was Monday, 11/17.  I spent the day running errands, and painting your “Fearfully and Wonderfully and Beautifully Made” picture.  That night, as we were going to bed, I started getting contractions!


Month 2



After about 18 hours of labor, you were born on Tuesday, 11/18, at 4:24pm.  You were 6lb 8oz and 21 inches long.  You had a good strong cry when they took you out!




We stayed in the hospital until Friday, 11/21.  The doctors were mostly keeping an eye on your weight and bilirubin levels.  After being home for less than 24 hours, we had to check back in (on Saturday, 11/22) for your jaundice.  Daddy and I were so sad!  We thought we’d need to leave you in a separate room under those lights by yourself.  When we found out we had our own room with you, we were thrilled and relieved!  And, thank God, you didn’t mind the lights.  They were nice and warm, so you were a happy camper (and so were we!).  🙂



We checked out of that hospital on Monday, 11/24, then you had doctor’s appointments on Tuesday, 11/25 and Wednesday, 11/26.  Thursday, 11/27 (Thanksgiving) was your first day without any doctor visits or heel pricks!  We spent the day at home, enjoying you, and doing your very first photo shoot:







A couple days later, Aunt Boo came over to help us take some more pictures:








Over the past month, you’ve had many visitors (including, but not limited to, the ones below):

Grandma and Grandpa




Nana and Papa



Aunt Sara and Hannah



Aunt Kelly



Aunt Boo



Aunt Katie also came to see you the day you were born!  You got to meet your cousins Avery and Kennedy when you were a couple weeks old (but we don’t seem to have any photos of that visit).

[Added note: 11/28/14: Your first walk around the block!]